Feature List
This is a list of new game features, and is prone to change.

  • Map sizes are 128 (PopTB), 256, or 512

  • Mage - a new unit with some limited low level spell casting abilities

  • Persistent lava flows
  • Apocaltpyic events, including deluge, dying planet, and meteor impact.
  • Random weather events, including rain storm, snow storm, and thunder storm.

  • Mage Warrior Training Hut

  • Solar Flare - An area of effect burn damage spell, causes damage to buildings and units.
  • Summon Dead - A temporary group of undead warriors is summoned.
  • Whirlpool - ocean based spell that can sink ships.
  • Lightning storm - summon an electrical storm.
  • Wolfpack - summon a pack of wolves to mame and destroy.
  • Poltergeist - inflict demons on buildings, percentage chance at night for units in buildings to be attacked by demons.

  • 8 Players maximum
  • Alliance Assist: help build your allies buildings, even use their training huts.
  • AI hostility rating, depending on which tribe inflicts the most damage