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News & Updates
2/12/2018 - Major Shakeup
The long delayed restructure of the unit management class has begun, I have taken the equivalent of a blunt axe to the code base, stripping or moving several thousand lines of code. I have already identified several serious problems that were present in the code during this. The old unit combat manager has been completely removed, and the structure of the unit and building classes greatly simplified. several poorly coded functions have been replaced.
7/11/14 - New Look
This new site layout is brought to you by Waleed, with a few personal alterations.
1/14/2014 - Rolling Release Schedule
As you might already notice, I am breaking away from the long release cycle to a more frequent
schedule of minor updates whenever possible. This will help spur development speed and hopefully
breathe some new life into this project and the community. For a list of recent changes check
the game launcher news or you can view it directly Here
12/25/2013 - Demo R2
Quickly, everyone rush of to the multiplayer lobby to experience the bugs multiplayer has to offer!
Multiplayer matchup will be done with the Resurrection Client
12/25/2013 - Level Editor
a BETA release of the world editor is available.