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News & Updates
7/11/14 - New Look
This new site layout is brought to you by Waleed, with a few personal alterations.
1/14/2014 - Rolling Release Schedule
As you might already notice, I am breaking away from the long release cycle to a more frequent
schedule of minor updates whenever possible. This will help spur development speed and hopefully
breathe some new life into this project and the community. For a list of recent changes check
the game launcher news or you can view it directly Here
12/25/2013 - Demo R2
Quickly, everyone rush of to the multiplayer lobby to experience the bugs multiplayer has to offer!
Multiplayer matchup will be done with the Resurrection Client
25/12/2013 - Level Editor
a BETA release of the world editor is available.
13/4/2013 - First Multiplayer
Today the first multiplayer game of Populous TC was played between me and Koen half way across the globe. While it may have crashed several minutes into the game, it is indeed a big step towards a playable multiplayer demo in the near future.
8/4/2013 - WOOOOH YEAHH!
After this long belated period of no news it's time for an update. This last week has been spent on lots of code restructuring and optimizations and I am pleased that the outcome has optimized the code far more than I had anticipated. The units class has yet to be restructured, but I plan to hold off on that until more bugs are worked out of the existing code.

More importantly than that, and the reason for the over-exuberant title of this update, is that one of the most prominent and annoying bugs in the game has finally been eradicated. what I have been calling the 'big pathfinding glitch' that was causing so much difficulty with hut and vehicle construction is finally gone! now the units can finally carry about their tasks without being micromanaged because they go idle during the task.

Other things worth noting:
  • Trees and buildings can now be sunk with land spells
  • Objects above land spells properly adjust their height
  • The terrain textures adjust to changes in height accordingly
  • Vehicle construction huts and vehicle bug fixing nearly complete
  • Networking code is halfway complete
  • Buildings can be destroyed by steep terrain changes
  • Trees now grow faster when a rain storm passes over them
  • Wildmen much easier to convert
  • Lots of resource loading optimizations
  • Level editor now in a usable state